James Travers Sculpture
"Travers, the alchemist, has worked his magic, transforming humble matter into exceptional art".
- Judy Collischan, Ph.D., Welded Sculpture of the Twentieth Century, Hudson Hills Press 2000

James Travers Sculpture

 Welcome to the online home of sculptor James Travers.

Working mostly in welded steel(and carved solid wood), in his artist's studio in Newtown, CT, James Travers creates contemporary sculpture that evokes visceral emotion. "Travers skillfully transforms metal from humblematter into exceptional art".
This is a quote from Judith Collischan, a gallerist and art critic.

Check out the gallery for unique selection of Table Top Sculptures, Color Scenics, Free Standing, Outdoor and Carved Wood Sculptures.


Soar by James Travers
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