James Travers Sculpture
"Travers, the alchemist, has worked his magic, transforming humble matter into exceptional art".
- Judy Collischan, Ph.D., Welded Sculpture of the Twentieth Century, Hudson Hills Press 2000
James Travers Artist Statement



The existence of a significant body of work is the foundation for any single piece getting out into the world, which is where it has to go to fulfill it's purpose. Doing the creative work means following the invisible path that leads to the "next piece" or the "next level"--to extend the Body of Work. As of November, 2017, I have finished 229 individual sculptures. One took five months, several have taken three months. This began in 1997. 
I have a distaste for conceptual art for one very simple reason.  If you are hungry, does the idea of a meal satisfy you?  Not me.
Neither form nor content, alone, is worthwhile. BOTH are required for satisfying artwork.

My assertion is that my perspective and materials yield works that embody the best of traditional visual values and sensibilities that are contemporary and will be worth owning, now and in the future.
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