James Travers Sculpture
"Travers, the alchemist, has worked his magic, transforming humble matter into exceptional art".
- Judy Collischan, Ph.D., Welded Sculpture of the Twentieth Century, Hudson Hills Press 2000
About James Travers



"THIS", I say, "IS WHAT WORKS!!"

It’s about the art. But where did it come from? I grew up in Woodbury, CT (the antiques capitol of the U.S.). The home of Surrealists Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy. Seven miles from Alexander Calder’s home in Roxbury, CT. Eight miles from Naum Gabo’s home in Middlebury, CT. I remember meeting both Calder and Sage. While not from an art family, and with no art classes or training, I was still aware of the art life and wondered “Why, what’s it about?” Then I went about my life for 30 years.

I lived on a farm for a time as a young boy, and had four uncles who were farmers, and I developed visual values formed by the stripped-down, almost fanatical practicality, and organic complexity of the country outdoors. 

When I came to my path as an artist, I was no schoolboy. Had many hard-core experiences, and therefore little tolerance for the fad, or hype. Intially following my creative impulses, I soon developed, through trial and error, a rigorous system of listening to, managing, and enhancing those intuitive callngs.

While I am not an Art Historian, I know that I have rarely seen other sculpture that I admire, and so, my intention is to produce works that I do admire.  

I refer to myself as a "REFORMED MODERNIST"(not that I previously was an old Modernist). Modernism is the great river of artistic flow, and still strong. Pop, Minimalism, and Conceptualism all had valid points, but are past eddies in the current. Why does my work matter?  I try to offer improvements over what I have seen elsewhere. My collectors, and jurors of shows in my Resume, apparently believe these efforts are worthwhile.

My artwork turns me on! Which is why I do it.

If it didn't turn me on, I couldn't expect it to do so for anyone else.

I hope my work connects with you. Welcome to my site.














Art has to succeed at communicating. My work turns me on! Which is why I do it.

If it didn't turn me on, I doubt it would anyone else. I hope it connects with you. Welcome to my site. 

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